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Classic Sonic Rig

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Classic Sonic (v02) is HERE! This is a free rig, great for cutout animation and rigging practice!

Built by Aixa Massoni - Character by SEGA.

This rig is For Personal, Non-commercial use only. I recommend Toon Boom Harmony Premium to access to the Node View.

I would LOVE for anyone to share their animations with me on social media! Tag me or use #CSonic on your creations!

Here's my Linkedin:

*This rig includes*

-Classic Sonic Rig (v2)

-READ ME Notepad (I recommend you to read this, because it contains super helpful notes for the rig)

-Simple Handles!

-Full character turnaround.

-Two Master Controllers, one to hide the handles, another one that control his blinks.

-Full body deformers!

-7 AWESOME poses directly from his character sheet from Sonic Mania + Powerhouse Animation Studios + a Spindash with deformers!

-Original hands directly from his character sheet from Sonic Mania + poses from the Sonic Mania shorts!

-Six expressions directly from his character sheet from Sonic Mania!

Remember, feedback is what keeps Sonic running! If you notice something that could improve, something that breaks or something that should be added, contact me!

Have fun! - Aixa Massoni

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You'll get an amazing Classic Sonic rig, ready to use and animate! Can you make him look cooler? Gotta animate fast!

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Classic Sonic Rig

13 ratings
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