Finn Rig


The Finn Rig is HERE! This is a free Toon Boom Harmony rig, great for cutout animation and rigging practice!

Built by Aixa Massoni - Character by Pendleton Ward.

This rig is For Personal, Non-commercial use only. I recommend Toon Boom Harmony Premium for access to the Node View.

I would LOVE for anyone to share their animations with me on social media! Tag me or use #FinnRig on your creations!

Here's my Linkedin:

*This rig includes*

-Finn Rig

-Full character turnaround.

-Full body deformers!

-Slider Master Controllers for his mouth charts!

This rig is for beginners / intermediate users. If you're new to the cutout animation / rigging in Toon Boom scene, I recommend that you begin practicing with Finn or the Susuwatari rig!

Remember, feedback is what keeps the Finn adventuring! If you notice something that could improve, something that breaks or something that should be added, contact me!

Have fun! - Aixa Massoni

I want this!

You'll get a great Finn rig, so take him with you and go for adventure!

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Finn Rig

I want this!