Susuwatari Rig

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Susuwatari (v1) is HERE! This is a free Toon Boom Harmony rig, great for cutout animation and rigging practice!

Built by Aixa Massoni - Character by Studio Ghibli.

This rig is For Personal, Non-commercial use only. I recommend Toon Boom Harmony Premium for access to the Node View.

I would LOVE for anyone to share their animations with me on social media! Tag me or use #Susuw on your creations!

Here's my Linkedin:

*This rig includes*

-Susuwatari Rig (v1)

-READ ME Notepad (I recommend you to read this, because it contains super helpful notes for the rig)

-Full character turnaround.

-Full body deformers!

-2 super cute poses directly from the movies + Konpeitō candies and a piece of coal as props!

-Easier than life Master Controllers to call on/off some of its elements!

FINALLY, A RIG FOR BEGINNERS! This is a super simple rig. If you're new to the cutout animation / rigging in Toon Boom scene, I recommend that you begin practicing with this little fella, it won't bite, I promise!

Remember, feedback is what keeps the Susuwatari alive! If you notice something that could improve, something that breaks or something that should be added, contact me!

Have fun! - Aixa Massoni

I want this!

You'll get a super cute Susuwatari all for yourself! Can you take care of it?

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Susuwatari Rig

2 ratings
I want this!